Japanese Artist Take 3D Paintings to the Next Level

Do you remember a 3D paintings trend occurred in the last few years. Of course you do! However, today would be really hard to surprise anyone with even an incredibly detailed and realistic 3D painting. The reason is simple – there are vast of them featured on the internet.

But have you ever heard about the 3D sculptural paintings? Actually, it’s kind of a new trend and I’m really glad to present you today an artist who is very good in making these spectacular masterpieces.

Shintaro Onata is a Japan-based artist who is very well known worldwide for his sculptural paintings. He perfectly combines the art of painting and sculpting into the out of the canvas masterpieces. Below you’ll find a few latest Shintaro’s works. I, personally, adore these paintings but would love to hear some thoughts from you as well!

shintaro_ohata 1

shintaro_ohata 2 shintaro_ohata 3 shintaro_ohata 4 shintaro_ohata 5 shintaro_ohata 6