Detailed Pencil Drawings And Sculptures Ironically Portray American Culture

I know that most of you, my dear readers, are from USA. Much to our surprise, I’m not and thus I’m not closely familiar with American culture. However, as much as I understand, these lovely drawings and sculptures of Eric Yahnker perfectly portray contemporary American culture. Amm…of course ironically.

Eric Yahnker is a Los Angeles-based artist, who is well known for his incredibly detailed large scale pencil drawings and sculptures. However, the latest series of Eric’s works charms not with a size or level of detail. Actually, the most eye-grabbing thing in his latest series, titled “Sticks & Drones” is the content. In this series artist tries ironically portray contemporary American culture and he has no limits here. In these drawings and sculptures you can find President Obama or even Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball.

I’m sure that you can’t wait anymore to scroll down and go through the Eric’s works provided below. So, let’s go…

american culture 11

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