Interactive “Mirrors” Responding to Viewer in Real Time


Daniel Rozin is New-York based artist, educator and developer specialising in interactive, “High-Tech” art installations. The uniqueness of his works comes from the close interaction with a viewers who are the centre of Daniel Rozin’s works and in many cases the contents of the piece.

Daniel is mostly known for his interactive mirrors built of arrays of moving objects that respond to the presence of a viewer. These interactive sculptures “reflect” the viewers standing in front of it using a variety of materials, including wooden pegs, circular bands of laminated rings, plastic spokes and even trash. Using hundreds of motors, video sensors and control electronics, Rozin’s sculptures  create and replicate an image of each viewer in real time.

It is really amazing how this artist brilliantly combines art and latest technologies in his installations. And who said technology kills creativity?

Weave Mirror

interactive mirror2

Interactive mirrors1

Wooden Mirror


Trash Mirror


Shiny Balls Mirror


Rust Mirror


Angles Mirror


Peg Mirror