Incredibly Detailed Sand Painting Made by Buddhist Monks

Today I have something different for you – a making of time-lapse video of incredibly detailed sand painting (Mandala) by Buddhist monks in Philadelphia University of Arts. The painting, which is made only out of sand, took them many days to build, however you can see the whole process just in 6 minutes in the following time lapse video.


Mandala sand painting (or sculpture) is not rarely encountered and stunning artwork for Buddhist monks. Actually, for most of them it is a daily routine and this is not because Buddhist monks are very creative or interested in art. It’s just a part of their culture. Creating a mandala is Buddhist ritual to bless the earth. Monks train this ritual for many years and transmit it through generations.

Take a look at some more photographs of this ritual. I think most of us couldn’t imagine how much patience and devotion are needed to create those extremely detailed  paintings.


© Neeraj Chaturvedi


© Kuntal Joisher


© Shanavas PN


© Zane Townsend