Incredible Self-Portrait Made of 7,000 Bottle Caps

Mary Ellen Croteau is a Chicago-based artist and the author of incredible self-portrait made of more than 7,000 bottle caps! As it is said in her website, Mary’s works directly addresses the absurdities of social norms, and lays bare the underlying bias and sexist assumptions on which our culture is constructed. Most of her current works are made with a non-recycled plastic waste, in an effort to demonstrate the huge amounts of  trash we are consuming and sending into the environment.

Mary’s self portrait  measures 8 feet by 7 feet, and contains over 7,000 plastic caps.  No paint or other materials are used, except to delineate a few shadows where white board was showing through.  “Most of us do not need to have bottled water at hand. Getting people used to spending more money for water than they spend for a gallon of gasoline is devious and disastrous for the future of the planet, letting corporations control our water sources is evil.”, explains Mary.


Mary_portait_bottle_caps_10 Mary_portait_bottle_caps_9 Mary_portait_bottle_caps_8 Mary_portait_bottle_caps_7 Mary_portait_bottle_caps_6 Mary_portait_bottle_caps_5 Mary_portait_bottle_caps_4 Mary_portait_bottle_caps_3 Mary_portait_bottle_caps_2