Impressive Portraits of Fowls by Cally Whitham

Cally Whitham is a New Zealand-based photographer who grabbed my attention with his quiet unusual style that stands out from most of photographers. The main object in his photographs is the nature. Most of his shots contains  birds, trees, landscapes. The simple things that you probably face every day. However, the way he captures and portrays them is outstanding.  

Cally describes himself as photographic artist photographing the mundane and ordinary in a romantic light. “My work identifies aesthetic value where none appears apparent and invites viewers to reflect on simpler things.”, explains photographer.

What grabbed my attention the most was the portraits of fowls. Yes, you heard my correctly – the fowls. It seems that Cally Whitham gives them a completely different “amplua”. The creatures that at first glance seemed completely dull, in Cally’s series of photographs appear to be extremely expressive. Especially the eyes and the stare of these birds stunned me the most. It’s something that is hard to express with words.




bird-portraits-14 bird-portraits-12 bird-portraits-11 bird-portraits-10 bird-portraits-9 bird-portraits-8 bird-portraits-7 bird-portraits-6 bird-portraits-5