Images That Figuratively Portray Life Lessons Father Has Taught His Children

Brandon Kidwell is a photographer and digital artist from the United States who has recently kicked off on Behance with his superb series of digital manipulations that reveal the life lessons he has taught his children and experiences they have went through over the years. According to the author, every single image in a series was inspired by those real life experiences and figuratively portrays the advice he would give to the children. 

“This was a personal project that took over a years time that is the result of real experiences that I went through with my children. Each image is symbolic of some piece of advice that I gave them.”, explains Brandon Kidwell on Behance.

Don’t worry if you are not good at reading between the lines. Brandon Kidwell has left us some hints. Every photo manipulation in a series comes with a one-sentence quote that explains the idea behind the image.


Failure and Regret are reserved for those who are afraid to reach with their heart.


To find your courage, you must first find your fears.


Sometimes what we fear the most is only something we haven’t grasped an understanding of.


To find truth, sometimes you have to reach into the darkness.


In order to follow your heart, you must first find your mind.


Lost time is never found again.


Being free means having the courage to let go.