Illustrations of Charming Monsters by Juan Carlos Paz

Do you remember Juan Carlos Paz and his charming sculptures of lovely monsters about which I wrote last week? If not, check them (here). I’m asking because today I have some more works of his to present you. However, this time not sculptures.

Actually, Juan Carlos Paz is best known not for the sculptures, but for digital illustrations of fictional monsters he was making for the last few years. Madrid-based illustrator has hundreds of these illustrations in behance, which have been viewed more than 430 000 times here.  So, I sincerely recommend you to visit his behance page where you’ll find more of his works.

What I like the most in his works, is that creepy monsters are portrayed in a funny way, what makes them really eye-grabbing and charming. In this post I’ve included my favourite ones. I hope you’ll like the as I do.


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