Hyper-Realistic “Wooden” Sculptures Made of Ceramic

Christopher David White is a U.S-based artist who makes hyper-realistic “wooden” sculptures that are actually made of ceramic. Currently seeking a Master’s degree in Fine Arts field, Christopher charms with an incredible talent in ceramics field and his hyper-realistic sculptures revealing an inconceivable level of detail. Even in the macro photograph it’s hard to believe that Christopher’s sculptures have absolutely nothing with a wood.  In fact, no one can better explain the meaning of the artworks, than the artist itself. Christoper David states:

It is through the creation of hyper-realistic sculpture that I explore the relationship between nature, man, and the phenomenon of impermanence. I seek to expose the beauty that often results from decay while, at the same time, making my viewer question their own perception of the world around them. To accomplish this, I begin by observing instances of decay within my surroundings that I find inspiring due to form, color, or texture. With clay as my medium of choice I then meticulously render by hand those elements, taking advantage of clay’s innate ability to mimic a wide variety of materials. I utilize trompe l’oeil as a stylistic choice to emphasize the concept that our understanding of the world is an illusion.

Now these sculptures are not only very beautiful but also have a thought-provoking meaning.


ceramic-sculptures-wood-by-christopher-david6 ceramic-sculptures-wood-by-christopher-david5 ceramic-sculptures-wood-by-christopher-david4 ceramic-sculptures-wood-by-christopher-david3 ceramic-sculptures-wood-by-christopher-david2 ceramic-sculptures-wood-by-christopher-david1


All credits of the photographs belong to Christopher David White. Visit his website for more great sculptures.