Humorous Series of Vegetables and Fruits Skateboarding in Kitchen

During the last few years spent writing about arts I’ve seen a lot. But this is the first time I discover such a hilarious use of vegetables and fruits in making an art.  I’m very glad that Benoit Jammes, a France-based artist and the author of these humorous sculptures, contacted me and introduced with his latest work.

Where else you could find a banana tail sliding on a rolling pin, an egg riding on the pot of boiling water or a tomato crashing into a table after a failed  jump from a toast. I don’t know what message these works meant to deliver. In any case, these unconventional “skateboarders” reveal what a vivid imagination and a great sense of humour this artist has. it’s no doubt my foundation of the month.

It’s not the first time I feature Benoit’s works. A year ago I wrote about his outstanding series of pictures made from old cassette tapes. If you haven’t seen them, you should check it out here.