Human Bodies Transformed Into the Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions

Gesine Marwedel is a Germany-based body artist who has an incredible talent to transform human bodies into the mind-blowing optical illusions.  She has a great eye on finding the links between humans figures and various things that could seem unrelated at the first sight.

Have you ever thought how many different things human figures could be transformed in? Yes, this is what Gesine does and she does it surprisingly good. Looking at her works, which I describe as optical illusions, sometimes it’s really hard to recognise an actual human body. One of the best example is a lying human body transformed into a pelican. It took me at least a minute to realise that it’s painted on the actual human body.

Body Painting and Body Art is one of the first and most original art forms. Previously used mainly in traditional rituals and ceremonies, it is increasingly recognized as a modern art form … It is the transformation of a human being into a breathing, moving, living work of art.”, explains Gesine Marwedel.