Hilarious Photo Series Portraying Daily Life of Astronaut

In November of 2013, photographer Tim Dodd won auction of the Russian high altitude space suit. Since then, he was struggling how to find the best way to use it. I hope you wouldn’t have expected that such an exotic thing will be left in dust in the hands of talented photographer. So, Tim came up with idea to conduct an ironic photo series portraying astronaut living his daily life in earth and, as he says, “to use this suit to project the inner child in me, still dreaming about space.”. This is how photo series titled “A day in the life of Everyday Astronaut” was started.

Photo series is full of hilarious photos portraying daily life of an astronaut who wears space suit always and in every situation, despite of the fact that he is on earth. “Everyday Astronaut” irons his clothes, brushes teethes, cooks, plays in children playground, sleeps and does other household things without leaving his space suit even for a second. It seems like Tim Dodd sought to create ridiculous fiction character who is too much attached to it’s profession. And he did it very well!

Tim Dodd is Iowa-based full time photographer. He has been recognized by the Waterloo Courier’s Best of the Best in photography for the past three years. Also, as Tim describes himself, he is a huge nerd who can geek out about everything with anyone. Now this isn’t a surprise for me why he came up with idea to bid in auction of such a “nerdish” thing.


Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-16 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-15 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-14 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-13 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-12 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-11 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-10 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-9 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-8 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-7 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-6 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-5 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-4 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-3 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-2 Everyday-Astronaut-Tim-Dodd-1

Photo credits: Tim Dodd