High-Speed Photographs of Ink Mixing with Water

Do you remember Corrie White and her incredible high-speed photographs of water splashes? This time everything will go underwater! I’m really keen to present you Alberto Seveso, UK-based artist who is very well known for his high-speed photographs capturing a diffusion of ink in water. Alberto says that most people ask him what 3D software he uses and, much to their surprise, the only answer they’ve heard was “this is not 3D these are just PHOTOS!”. However, we can’t blame these people. Most of us could think of that knowing the fact Alberto Seveso is not only a photographer but also a great graphic designer working with major agencies.

Recently Alberto Seveso released a new series of photographs portraying a magical process of ink mixing with the water in a black backgorund. Since all his experiments with a high speed photographs were being made only in a white background, the series, titled “Blackground” brings new colours to the Alberto’s portfolio. Would look like a small difference, however a black background make them even more magical and surreal than the previous ones.  However, Alberto’s works perfectly speak for themselves, therefore I kindly welcome you to scroll down and enjoy a magical combination of physics and art.


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