Heartbreaking Photo Story Captures Final Years of Two Brothers

The photo story we are going to present you today has nothing to do with a long distance travels, unusual cultural phenomena or eye-grabbing shots of extraordinary natural sceneries. Rather, it’s a story about a lifelong friendship and brotherly love, probably the most familiar things playing a major role in most of our lives.

Captured by Norway-based photographer Elin Hoyland, a series of photographs, titled “The Brothers” tells us a story about two very close brothers and their final years being together. Neither had married, two brothers, Harald (75 yrs.) and Mathias (80 yrs.) had always lived together on the small farm in which they were born and grew up. Their days followed a predictable and comforting routine. As Hoyland, an author of the photo story explained, “they chopped wood, carried wood and burned wood. At least twice a day, they also fed wild birds in the twenty bird boxes that they monitored. In their free time they each listened to a radio or read the local paper.” Unfortunately, their heartwarming friendship ended with a asthma attack and death of the younger brother Harald. After the brother death, Mathias continued to live alone in the house, however after some time he decided to move into an old’s people home where he ended his life in 2007.

A series of black and white photographs appears to be very powerful and emotional. The moments captured in the photo story are so casual, but, at the same time, so though-provoking and much saying. However, although, the series of photographs reveals a story about heartwarming lifelong friendship, it also portrays a temporality of our lives and what we all care about.

Photo credits: Elin Hoyland