Gigantic Bunny Installation in Taiwan by Florentijn Hofman

Florentijn Hofman is a Dutch-based street artist, best known for his large scale installations. The gigantic 26-metre-high yellow rubber duck travelling around the world from Auckland and São Paulo to Osaka or a huge monkey tied together from 10,000 brightly coloured flip-flops is just a tiny part of what you can find in this artist’s portfolio.

Florentijn’s latest work is a gigantic bunny titles “Moon Rabbit”, which was unveiled during the mid-Autumn festival at the Dayuan Town Naval Base in Taiwan. According to the Street Art News, the installations is inspired by “jade rabbit” from the Chinese mythology. It’s made of wood and Styrofoam frames and is entirely covered by Dupont waterproof paper.

Outstanding masterpiece. Also, don’t forget to visit Florentij’s website to see more of his superb works.