Giant Wooden Spheres Made from Interlocking Wood

We described sculptures made of wires, thread a bit earlier. Now there are even sculptures made of wooden logs. All them connecting into a giant globes of wood Korean artist and sculptor Lee Jae-Hyo just varies these eco-friendly forms with forests and galleries through whole world.

The artist mainly works with stone,steel and likely, in this project, with wood and nails. The sculptures made carefully and meticulously by interlocking the logs each with another.  There’s only one rule – no lapses. The globes must be perfectly sanded and round in order to make an impression of a round shape. It is easy to see Korean likes keeping things simple and really big. There are only two instruments needed in his work : nails and a hammer. I guess you wonder how making it as simple as that it is possible to make this kind of difficult work. So now you can see how talented our artist is.

As previously mentioned, Lee’s beautiful wooden spheres are spread throughout the whole world. Don’t be surprised if you see his works somewhere in galleries of London or Washington. As you see in photographs, the sculptures suprisingly fits in forest atmosphere. .Jae-Hyo is one of a few artists nowdays who take up making this kind of extraordinary job.