Funny Faces Made From Toilet Paper Rolls by Junior Fritz Jacquet

What do you do with a toiler paper roll when toilet paper runs out? I guess you throw it in a trash bin, as I do. However, if you have the artistic flair, you should stops throwing them away, but instead of, try to make an “origami” out of them as  Junior Fritz Jacquet did.

Junior Fritz Jacquest is a France-based artist who created a series of weird and funny faces made from toiler paper rolls. The reason I mentioned the art of origami in the first paragraph is that all of these funny faces are made only from a single toiler paper roll. It’s a basis of origami, since all of origamis should be made only from one piece of paper.

I love the combination of simplicity and creativity. Jacquet’s works perfectly combine these two aspects and this is the reason I love most of his works. If you want to discover more of his works, check out his Facebook page.