Frames of Life – Las Palmas Island and Beautiful Little Moments


Frames of life is a short film and a part of the “7 stories” project about the most beautiful places in all 7 Canary Islands. Created by Günther Gheeraert, Frames of Life moves us to the paradise with the breath taking scenes around the Las Palmas island. What fascinated us the most, that beautiful landscapes wasn’t actually the main object in this short film.

In addition to beautiful landscapes, Günther Gheeraert captures local people and their little moments from everyday life that are so beautiful and at the same so invisible in the daily routine. Cute child mimics, deep looking eyes of the horse, small farm, sincere smile of the child. At first glance unrelated scenes, create a sincere entirety that says a lot about the beauty of small things, beauty of everyday “frames of our life”.

“If i had just one wish, it would be to get lost”. Maybe getting lost brings us closer to the small things?