Formation of Snowflakes Captured in Microscopic Time-Lapse Video

We have seen a lot of photographs of microscopic snowflakes around the internet, but have you ever wondered to see how these micro-masterpieces are being formed? You no longer need to! Vyacheslav Ivanov, a Russia-based filmmaker created a 2 minute microscopic time-lapse video that captures the magical formation process of snowflakes. Ivanov confirms that the video was filmed through a microscope and hasn’t been digitally edited at all.

For those who are more interested in a formation process, Robert T. Gonzales from explains, “The ice crystal(s) in snowflakes owe their six-fold rotational symmetry to the hydrogen bonds in water molecules. As water freezes, water molecules bound to other water molecules crystallize into a hexagonal structure, where each point on the hexagon is an oxygen atom and each side of the hexagon is a hydrogen bonded to an oxygen. As freezing continues, more water molecules are added to this microscopic six-sided structure, causing it to grow in size into the six-sided macroscopic structure that we recognize as snow flakes.

Ivanov made a great job and once again convinced us how many beautiful things in nature are not visible to the naked eye.