Flip Book Machines Depicting Flying Birds and Butterflies

I can bet that every one of you have ever tried to make a flip book, especially in your childhood. Drawing a fancy characters (or just a basic stickmen) in various positions on hundreds of paper sheets and then combining them together to make a few second animation was something unbelievable. On the occasion that we’ve remembered those charming hand-made animations, I would like to present you Juan Fontanive and his new approach in creating flip books.

Cleveland-based artist Juan Fontanive actually brought flip books to a whole new level. Combining technology and great artistic talent, he constructs perpetually looping flip book machines, which feature lifted images from Audubon guides that loop through colorful images of birds and butterflies. Fontanive’s objective with his motorized machines is to create a visual sense of motion that is more physical than digital. One of his works states: “Responding to the lack of movement found in our current electronics age, he is interested in actual movement in relation to virtual.”. Also, it’s very interesting that the sound of these machines reminds a bird’s wing flapping and thus allow viewers not only to see, but also to hear the beautiful birds and butterflies flying in these tiny machines.


Credits: Colossal