Flawless Xia Xiao 3D Paintings on Glass

Xia Xiao Wan, a Chinese artist from Canada was unknown all the time until now. His schocking works made him visible to the people in the Internet. He became famous creating these creepy-looking 3D drawings on glass layers and making them look like a holograms.

The whole process begins with drawing different perspectives of the painting on separate glass layers. Xia paints every single detail on all the layers by him self. It is hard to believe that Xiao individually paints every layer with only use of colored pencils. It is also a true talent to be able to combine all these glasses into one 3-dimensional creation. And so all the pieces together creates a hologram-like painting.

The 3D sculptures are really mind-blowing. Many works of the Chinese artist resemble storms, cosmic blasts or figures drowned in fog. Xiao‘s style is really unsual, as often some of the sculptures remind of creepy, horrible creatures.