Creative Father Makes Photo Manipulations With His Son

Adrian Sommeling is a photographer and digital artist, whose one of the series of images was featured in 500px on Father’s day this year. The featured series of images consists of imaginary photo manipulations where photographer portrays he and his son in various unbelievable situations.

Asked why the main model in his photographs is his son, Adrian explains, “the reason why I put my son on so many of my photos is because he is just always there. I am lucky that he can do different expressions with his face. He understands how I want him to look, how to pose. In the beginning, he really liked being in my photographs. Now he still enjoys it, but like most of the children of his age, he sometimes isn’t into it anymore. It depends on if he is tired or not. Sometimes, I ask him if I should go and search for another model, another subject, and he’ll tell me that doesn’t want me to do that. Then all of a sudden, he’s up for posing in my photos again.”

Capturing heartwarming photos of family members, including kids and even pets, is a today’s trend in photography. However, it’s the first time I see digital artist, which makes so marvellous and cute photo manipulations of his kids. This is superb!


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