Famous Painting Recreated on Boat’s Roof in London

Street art is a quiet popular activity among most of the artists and, of course, a really astonishing thing to explore and watch as well. We’ve seen a lot of well-made murals on some of the most unexpected things such as trucks, ship containers and etc. However, this is a first time I see mural on a boat’s roof. Haven’t you seen anything like this before?

The author of this work is Borondo, a Spain-based street artist who came up with an idea to recreate famous painting Ophelia by John Everett Millais as a huge mural. Following to this he got an opportunity to realise an idea of a mural on a vessel travelling along the River Lee in East London.

The result is more than awesome. It looks like Spain-based artist gave this old vessel a new life and made it as one of the most spectacular street art masterpieces.

borondo boat art 6

borondo boat art 5 borondo boat art 4 borondo boat art 3 borondo boat art 2 borondo boat art 1