Eye-Grabbing Oil Paintings of Cityscapes

We used to see cityscapes in a format of high quality photographs, however today there are so many of them that even the most beautiful photographs aren’t as eye-grabbing as it should be. And this is not surprising, after all people tend to get bored of the same things. This is the main reason why Jeremy Mann’s oil paintings of cityscapes strongly grabbed my attention. This is something completely new! Dissociating from the “HD world” even for a while and immersing in a imperfectly perfect and gritty brushstrokes brings, basically, a brand new experience.

Jeremy Mann graduated from Ohio University with a Cum Laude degree in Fine Art-Painting. Afterward, he ventured out to California where he earned his Master’s Degree at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. As it is said in artist’s biography, “Living in downtown San Francisco, Mann paints his immediate surroundings with intimate, dynamic expression. A number of unique compositions are inspired from the city’s pavement, where reflected street lamps and neon signs glitter in the rain. In each work, Mann imbues the city with drama, mood, and personality.”

Maybe this is another reason why I was so amazed by Mann’s paintings. Even the photographs of the highest quality cannot perceive so much as oil paintings of this artist do. The city full of drama, mood and personality…



jeremy-mann-cityscape-oil-paintings-3 jeremy-mann-cityscape-oil-paintings-4 jeremy-mann-cityscape-oil-paintings-5 jeremy-mann-cityscape-oil-paintings-6 jeremy-mann-cityscape-oil-paintings-7 jeremy-mann-cityscape-oil-paintings-8 jeremy-mann-cityscape-oil-paintings-9 jeremy-mann-cityscape-oil-paintings-10 jeremy-mann-cityscape-oil-paintings-11