Extraordinary Wooden Beetle Made of 50,000 Wood Pieces

Ok, this is really extraordinary! Recently “International Business Times” reported that a Bosnia-based pensioner, Mr. Bojic has created a real wooden beetle from more than 50,000 pieces of oak wood. Much to our surprise, this is not an exhibit. Wood covered Beetle is fully working and pensioner uses it on a daily basis. Mr. Bojic says that all of the custom wood fittings are made by himself in his personal workshop. Also, the owner of this “grandpa magnet” says that he is glad to see how much crowd his Beetle draws anywhere he goes.

What can I say, watch out old ladies. This “grandpa magnet” is irresistible!


Bojic-wooden-beetle-2 Bojic-wooden-beetle-3 Bojic-wooden-beetle-4 Bojic-wooden-beetle-5 Bojic-wooden-beetle-6 Bojic-wooden-beetle-7 Bojic-wooden-beetle-8 Bojic-wooden-beetle-9

Credits of the photos belong to: Dado Ruvic/REUTERS