Extraordinary Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic is a Lithuania-based street artist, who is very well know not only in Lithuania indeed. He has a huge portfolio of murals made all around the world and his 100,000 Facebook fans prove that he is doing a really great job!

What I liked the most about this artist is that he doesn’t limit himself with drawing. Some of the Ernest’s murals incorporate such objects as chairs, ladders, bicycles. In this way, he creates not only eye-grabbin street art, but interactive as well. Another thing what I liked the most about Ernest is that he doesn’t limit himself with one location. Althought he is based in Lithuania, he travels all around the world and tries to leave his mark in the very different countries thus cheering up people not only in the Eastern Europe.

Ernest Zacharevic isn’t a foundation. Actually most of the people, who are more or less related to art, should know him. However, today  I’ve discovered his new works and just came up with an idea to collect all his works in one place. So, enjoy and don’t forget to like his page on Facebook!


ernest-7 ernest-6

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