Extraordinary Portraits of Cows by Cally Whitham

Cally Whitham is an outstanding photographer from New Zealand whose work, radiating the extraordinary beauty of simplicity, fascinates thousand of people from around the world. Actually, it’s not the first time the artist appears on Cat in Water. A half of a year ago I wrote about his weird, yet very spectacular portraits of chickens and roosters. If you haven’t seen them, check them out here.

What I like the most about this artist is her talent to make simple things outstanding. Who the hell could have even thought of making a portrait of a chicken? It turned out that the chicken is a far more beautiful creature than we had ever thought it is. We just need to take a close look at them – I mean, at the live ones, not the schnitzels in your McChicken sandwich.

I like her one thought on photography, “Photographic artist photographing the mundane and ordinary in a romantic light. My work identifies aesthetic value where none appears apparent and invites viewers to reflect on simpler things.”. Cally’s unique understanding of beauty and aesthetics explains a lot about her series that astound thousands of people.

Once again, Cally Whitham astonishes us with his new series of animal portraits. This time – cows. Believe me, once you go through the portraits, you will never look at those animals the same. It appears, they can be damn sexy!