Expressive Takeaway Coffee Cups That Change Their “Facial Expressions”

Recently the Gawatt takeaway coffee shop decided to engage their clients by making a series of  limited edition takeaway coffee cups. This challenging task was granted for the Backbone Branding company, which came up with an idea to create 4 different personages with the changeable facial expression on the coffee cups. Customers can simply change the facial expression of the personage by turning the exterior sleeve.

It’s a really great idea allowing your clients to express their mood in a completely different way. Who knows, maybe if you will set a sad facial expression on your cup, some of the people will ask you what is wrong and encourage you.

“What really matters to us is that the process we engage our clients in inspires transformation in our client’s brands and in the markets in which they compete.  We aren’t aiming to create work that makes us feel good, rather work that rocks the status quo within companies and entire market segments.”