Ethereal-Looking Fungi Captured by Steve Axford

Steve Axford is a pensioner and photographer based in Australia. After retirement the majority of time he spends photographing various native plants, animals, birds and, especially, fungi. Steve says that the location where he lives is very nature-rich. There are a lot of bizarre species of plants and fungi, which isn’t widely documented and certainly have never bee photographed in an artistic way.

Sveve’s photographs are very eye-grabbing, because they artistically portray the ethereal beauty of our nature. His photographs document the part of nature that hasn’t been seen by most of us.  Steve adds, “Nothing exists in isolation and the more you look, the more you find.  Oddly enough, this fits with what I used to work at, as a designer and manager of large computer systems. Although the world is a far more complex  than any man made computer system, the rules learnt with one can be applied to the other.”

What I wanted to show you guys today is Steve’s series of fungi photographs. All of his photos are really good, but these are the most extraordinary. I don’t really know where you should go or travel to encounter such a beautiful and bizarre fungi, but you can always visit Steve’s website and check out his new releases!


steve-axford-fungi-11 steve-axford-fungi-10 steve-axford-fungi-9 steve-axford-fungi-8 steve-axford-fungi-7 steve-axford-fungi-6 steve-axford-fungi-5 steve-axford-fungi-4 steve-axford-fungi-2

steve axford fungi 3 steve axford fungi 1