Enormous Size Tunnel Constructed From Wires And Repurposed Wood

There is a frequently heard stereotype reffering that art exhibitions are usually related to strange and incomprehensible paintings or sculptures which no one really understands. Also, you can hear often people saying that art exhibitions are boring. However, nowadays contemporary art has no limits and everyday you can find something extraordinary. If I would have lied, CAT IN WATER wouldn’t exist.

Today I have something really extraordinary (as always). Brazil-based artist Henrique Oliveria constructed enormous size indoor installation titled “Transarquitetonica”. This installation is actually a huge tunnel constructed from wires and repurposed wood. What distinguishes this art installation from others is the fact that exhibition visitors are welcome to enter the artwork and explore it from the inside. From the outside “Transarquitetonica” tunnel looks like a complex root system. This gives you an illusion that you are miniature organism travelling throughout roots of any tree. Cool?

Henrique Oliveria is a well-known artist with hundreds of art installations and sculptured in his portfolio. However, “Transarquitetonica” is the largest art installation he has ever created. The art installation is constructed and kept at Museu de Arte Contemporanea da Universidade in Sao Paulo. It will be on display until the end of November this year.





tunnel-10 tunnel-9 tunnel-8 tunnel-7