Engineer Transforms Retired Passenger Jet Into a ”Deam House”

A 62-year-old engineer Bruce Campbell now lives the high live in the woods of Oregon in his own plane. Yes, in his own plane. This bizarre engineer bought the Boeing 727-200 for the cost of around $100,000. He turned a retired passeger jet in to his ‘‘Dream House“ and it seems he‘s pretty proud of it as his life became a bit more exciting.

Now talking more about the reconstruction of his house, the main task in making a house of this huge Boeing was to install the electricity and get the plumbing system working. Campbell‘s next goal was to make it homely enough for living. First, he removed all the chairs to get some free space for main house needs like bedroom, lounge, office and kitchen. After that, he had to tinker all three aircraft‘s toilets. He even constructed a shower by himself. The jet looks pretty big but it isn‘t as spacious inside. ‘It’s small but I’m small’, he told CNN of the restroom. In addition, Bruce describes the house as ‘a bird that‘s meant to fly‘, and mentions the cockpit as his favourite place.

The 62-year-old simply just loves  showing around people his house and Mr Campbell hope that someday others will follow his lead. ‘It is a good experiment in a living environment that, I hope, will prove to be something that mankind will embrace with vigour at a later time,’ he says.