Elegant Paper Sculptures Suspended in Hotel Indigo

Peter Gentenaar is a Netherland-based artist best known for his incredible experimental paper sculptures. One of the latest his works is on display above the main restaurant at Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg. And they are incredible! I haven’t seen anything like this before.

Peter’s elegantly ethereal paper sculptures perfectly fill restaurant’s environment and create kind of a surreal environment. They somehow reminds me a hellish underwater creatures.

You might think how the hell he makes that texture. This is also very interesting! Dissatisfied with commercial paper properties and having an experience in printmaking, Peter Gentenaar has developed a unique system for paper production. With a help of Royal Ducth Paper Factory, Peter produces his own paper that isn’t available anywhere. “A paper sheet is thin and strong and, reinforced with very thin ribs of bamboo, can be compared to a leaf. By beating pulp a long time, an extraordinary play of forces occurs during the drying process of my paper sculpture. The paper shrinks considerably, up to 40%, and the force of this puts the non-shrinking bamboo framework under stress, just as a leaf when it drys.”, explains Peter Genternnar.

As an old adage says, “from limitations come creativity”.