Early Highlights From Nantou Sand Sculpture Festival 2014

The Nantou Sand Sculpture Festival began in 2009, and since then has become an annual event (or maybe even a tradition) held at the bank of Maoluo Creek in Taiwan, usually from January to February. Bringing together the most talented local artists Nantou Sand Sculpture festival distinguishes with a wonderful collection of massive and at the same time very detailed sand sculptures. It is a well know event for local people and entertaining spot for tourists visiting Taiwan in the first quarter of the year.

Every year sculptures are being made on the basis of different themes that are disclosed right before the festival. The theme of this year festival is “Dream Ark”. We hope this will help you to find more references in the following sculptures.

The festival started on 25th of January and will be held until 9th of March, so, if you are in Taiwan at this moment, don’t forget to visit this really amazing festival!








All credits of the photographs belong to Prince Hsieh