Does Music Complement Scenery or Scenery Complements Music?

I’m always very passionate about any artwork that combines music in any form, since I have a background in music production. Most of the people used to say “this music fits the scenery”, however, for me personally, music is something much more than just a background. Rather it’s a ground for everything, especially in the field of arts. Spending hundreds of hours combining different sounds to create a perfect harmony, I’ve realised that this medium can communicate much more than most of us have ever thought. In fact, there’s nothing music wouldn’t be able to externalise, including even a “visual information”.

Recently, I’ve discovered Michal Karcz, Poland-based digital artist who creates surreal photo manipulations inspired by different songs. I think it’s not a novelty as most of the artists no doubt listen to music as a way to get an inspiration. However, this is the first time I’ve discovered an artist who publicly disclose the particular musician or song that gave an inspiration for each of his works. By looking at Michael’s photo manipulations and at the same time listening to songs on which basis these works have been made, I’ve experienced a perfect harmony. Music and scenery perfectly complemented each other. Nevertheless, I couldn’t say that music was just a background stimulating my hearing sense. Contrary to that, music allowed me to imagine an action in the pictures and convert it into a small movie scene in my head. In this case, picture was just a single frame of what I’ve imagined and experienced. So, does music complements the scenery or the scenery complements music? I would prefer the second one. And you?

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