Discarded Plastic Turned into Wonderful Sculptures by Aurora Robson

Aurora Robson is not just a simple artist from Canada. Aurora Robson is an artist with an honorable idea. An idea represented in her, as an artist works.

The Canadian mainly works with one of the most polluting material in the world – plastic. The environmental activist gathers used plastic from bottles and just figures out a sculpture of them. I know what you think. Another boring recasted matter of art. But in my eyes, it is already some awesome piece of art and even for a good reason. This piece of art encourages us to use less wasteful products because we are the only who can make a decision about it.

It is to raise the awareness about plastic waste that Robson wants us to tell doing sculptures only of worked over material. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to give people space to reflect on their behavior and on their relationship to matter and material that they come across in their daily lives.”