Designer Transforms Landscapes Into Sound Waveforms

Anna Marinenko is Ukraina-based designer and architect who recently released a series of pictures titled “Nature Sound Form Wave”. This series consists of pictures comparing nature landscapes and cityscapes with the forms of sound waves. For those who don’t know, sound waveform is an image that represents an audio signal or recording. It shows the changes in amplitude over a certain amount of time. It may sounds too much sophisticated, but if you are using Soundcloud, Mixcloud and other similar online music streaming tools, you must have seen them.

It’s really interesting to see how Anna Marinenko reflects silhouettes of various nature landscapes or cityscapes with the sound waveforms. However, I was really curious about how did she came up with an idea to compare such incomparable things. As it is said in artist’s website, this idea came to Anna’s mind accidentally when she was sitting at riverside. “Sitting at riverside and watching the opposite side I’ve been very calm. Water was moving slowly and meditative. It made me thoughtful and concentrated, I noticed line of reed on the opposite riverside reflected in water, it was so similar to picture which I see everyday on my music player screen. This graphical expression of sound is called sound form wave. What a beautiful name! I didn’t know it before. On my way home I was looking for other nature views.”, explains Anna Marinenko.

Would love to have prints with these pictures!


waveform-2 waveform-1

waveform-10 waveform-9 waveform-8 waveform-7 waveform-6 waveform-5 waveform-4