Desert Wildflowers in Colorado Plateu

The Colorado Plateau, also known as the Colorado Plateau Province is a region in Western Colorado covering the area of more than 337,000 km2. This region is mostly made up of high desert, with scattered areas of forests and the very well known Grand Canyon in the southwest corner. However, today I would like to talk not about the Colorado Plateau itself, but interesting phenomenon occurring in this region.

What associations do you have with a desert? Sand, wastelands, cracks in the parched earth, lack of vegetation and water. Am I right? Nevertheless, would you expect to discover flower fields in these wastelands? From now on you should, because at least in the Colorado Plateau Desert you have a chance to see them approximately for 2 days in a period of one or two years.

The Scorpion Weed is a flower specie taking over the Colorado Plateau for few days almost every year. These flowers grow up from the cracks in the parched earth. However, As I stated earlier, not every year. It mostly depends on the combination of winter precipitation and April sunshine.

It is said that only 1% of tourists visiting Colorado Plateau are lucky to see these flowers. However, the unlucky ones shouldn’t sorrow, because plants gives off a foul smell and a nasty rash when touched.

Credits: Guy Tal