Compilation of Most Realistic 3D Renderings Ever Made

Till now everyone was able to easily separate real photograph from computer generated 3D rendering. The difference between them was tremendous. However, now I’m not sure that every photo I have seen in the past isn’t a computer generated work.

Actually my doubts were triggered by the compilation of hyperrealistic 3D renderings I found in the blog titled “Really-shit”. The compilation of 3D renderings which I’ve found in that blog and currently presenting you today have really blown my mind. I couldn’t believe that these are really computer generated works, not any photo manipulation or other retouched crap.

The following compilation mostly consists of computer generated portraits of random people. However, you’ll also find here recreations of historical figures and portraits of well known actors such as Captain Jack Sparrow. Enjoy the compilations and remember that not every photo you saw today is actually a real photo! Pretty scary?

ZhiHeng Tang

Credits: ZhiHeng Tang

Alex Huguet

Credits: Alex Huguet


Credits: Khitan

Wei Long Zhong

Credits: Wei Long Zhong

Adam Skutt

Credits: Adam Skutt


Credits: Shang-Peng-Peng

Max Edwin Wahyudi

Credits: Max Edwin Wahyudi

Marco di Lucca

Credits: Marco Di Luca

Rakesh Sandhu

Credits: Rakesh Sandhu

Kris Kelly

Credits: Kriss Kelly

Oleg Koreyba

Credits: Oleg Koreyba


Credits: Stanislav Klabik


Credits: Visual Forensic


Credits:  Jin Hee Lee


Credits: Anders Ehrenborg


Credits: Luces


Credits: Hossein Diba


Credits: Dan Roertry


Credits: GV Prashanth