Colored Pigeons in Venice

Have you ever been to Venice? If you have, you may have noticed tons of grey pigeons just walking around tourists and beseeching food from them. Well, you would have been highly surprised if you had seen them during the 2012 Venice Biennale. “Some pigeons are more equal than others”, that was the main part of the art project, meaning that this time it‘s not only grey that reminds of pigeons.

Shining in 35 bright colours, often called ‘‘rats of the sky“ are just a new experiment of Berlin-based artists Julius Von Bismarck and Julian Charriere. The artists used spray-paint to dye the animals without harming them and I think they succeded pretty much well.

You can‘t say these little birds are the most beloved ones of venetians. However, the main purpose was to make these flying creatures more attractive for people and a little less offensive. The event really surprised people with birds in bright green, blue, yellow, red and many more colours. Anyways, pigeons are pigeons and their sparkling feathers won‘t stop them from pooping in the squares of Venice.

By the way, this event received lot of criticism and negative responses from many animal lovers tourists.