Coffee Shop Shaped Like Enormous Rolleiflex Camera

We think our magazine is quiet popular among photographers. So, guys, we have one more place to visit for your bucket list! The photographs you’ll see below has nothing to do with the Photoshop. Actually, South Korean family loved photography so much that they’ve built a building shaped like enormous Rolleiflex camera. However, the huge camera next to their home isn’t an ordinary building, because it holds the bar and miniature camera museum.

Unconventional coffee shop, named “The Dreamy Camera”, was initiated by former military pilot and photo enthusiasts. Located about 6 miles east of Seoul, South Korea,  this really special camera cafe serves up coffee, tea and churros to travellers. As it is said in the Facebook page of this place, “The Dreamy Camera” has already became a very popular place among tourists and photography enthusiasts. Therefore, if you planning a trip in South Korea you definitely must visit this place!