Coca-Cola Builds Mini Kiosks to Promote Their New Mini Coke

Ok, I don’t usually write about ads in this blog. However, for me personally, advertising is the art and there are a lot of great advertising campaigns, which is really worthwhile to show of even in the most sophisticated art exhibitions. When it comes to advertising Coca-Cola is the one who dictates standards in this industry and one of the latest their advertising campaigns is a perfect evidence of this.

Have you heard about the new mini Coke cans? Recently Coca-Cola had released a new-sized can of 0,15ml and initiated a really creative ad campaign to promote it. Coca-Cola’s advertising agency Ogilvy built mini kiosks and placed them in five major German cities. Much to our surprise, mini kiosks were fully working and have been effectively selling mini cokes. As it is said in the,  “They even had a pint-size vending machine. The kiosks sold an average of 380 mini cans per day, which Ogilvy says is 278 percent more than a typical Coke vending machine.”.

I always love to watch Coca-Cola’s advertising campaigns. It’s much more than an ad itself. It’s is a pure combination business and art provoking heartfelt emotions.

Coca cola mini kiosk 3

Coca cola mini kiosk 2 Coca cola mini kiosk 1