Close-up Photographs of Flames Looking Like Human Brain

We’ve thought that microscope photography trend started with a close-up photographs of tiny snowflakes is already going towards the end. When it seemed that there is nothing more that can surprise you, Fabian Oefner and his microscopic shots of flames looking like human brain astounded us once again. Switzerland-based photographer created a series of photographs, titled “Aurora” where he skilfully captures a moment when ignited alcohol drops start bursting into flames. The statement in artist’s websiste explains, “Like the cortex of a human brain. Or the mushroom cloud of a nuclear bomb…these peculiar-looking structures are made of flames stopped in time. To create them, the artist added a few drops of alcohol into a large glass vessel. After a few moments, the volatile substance had spread evenly inside the container. He then ignited the mixture of gases. As the flames travelled through the vessel, they formed into these ephemeral fire sculptures.”

We can’t describe Fabian Oefner only as a photographer. He is an investigator and artists whose work moves between the fields of art and science. By combining  his strong passion for art and science, artists explores and captures various unique natural phenomena that appear in our daily lives, such as sound waves, centripetal forces, iridescence and others just to, as Fabian Oefner says, “…stop for a moment and appreciate the magic that constantly surrounds us.”


flamebrain 1 flamebrain 2 flamebrain 3 flamebrain 4 flamebrain 5 flamebrain 6 flamebrain 7

Photo credits: Fabian Oefner, via