Celebrity Icons Looking as Cartoons

Do you still remember Lion King, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, these classical Walt Disney cartoons that have been fascinating the whole world for more than 2 decades?  Or maybe are you a lover of Nemo? If so, you’ll be even more impressed with Rui Pinho and his incredible collages combining cartoon characters and celebrities.

Portugal-based artist creates collages that represent iconic celebrities and their cartoon counterpart with a similar facial features. Black and white portraits of celebrities, merging with colourful and vivid images of cartoon characters, distinguishes with a large contrast which appears to warn viewers that these collages combines different dimensions. High contrast and glaring similarity, it’s hard to imagine how much time Rui needed to find these exactly matched pairs from such a different “worlds”.

Charlie Chaplin as Bart Simpson, Jacques Cousteau as Nemo, Marilyn Monroe as Sleeping Beauty. Have you ever imagined that these celebrity icons and cartoon characters have such similarities with regard to facial features?

Michael Jackson as Simba

Rui Pinho1

Rui Pinho2

Yuri Gagarin as Buzz Lightyear

Rui Pinho3

Charlie Chaplin as Bart Simpson

Rui Pinho4

Brigitte Bardot as Snow White

Rui Pinho5

Jacques Cousteau as Nemo

Rui Pinho6

Alfred Hitchcock as Casper

Rui Pinho7

Marilyn Monroe as Sleeping Beauty

Rui Pinho8

Steve Jobs as Wally

Rui Pinho9

Kate Moss as Betty Boop

Rui Pinho10

Rui Pinho11

Albert Einstein as Spongebob

Rui Pinho12

Cristiano Ronaldo as Sonic the Hedgehog

Rui Pinho13

Amy Winehouse as Belle

Rui Pinho14

Barack Obama as Peter Pen

Rui Pinho15

Sade as Pocahontas

Rui Pinho16

Sandokan as Garfield

Rui Pinho17

Burtrey Nolds as Woody

Rui Pinho18

Diana Princess as Alice Wonderland

Rui Pinho19

Paris Hilton as Pink Panther

Rui Pinho20

All credits of the photographs belong to Rui Pinho.