Breathtaking Moments From Yee Peng Festival


Yee Peng is annual festival based on Buddhist practices which has been held in Thailand since 1989. The participants of a festival get a chance to explore Buddhistic traditions of Northern Thailand, enjoy traditional Thai dances performances and experience  peace and serenity in short meditation lessons given by Buddhist monks.

The festival ends with a breathtaking and at the same time inspiring program called “Brighten the world, Brighten the mind”. Thousands of traditional floating lanterns are released creating a peaceful ambience full of goodness and warmth. A culture, traditions and worldview of Buddhists are inspiring from themselves, however the moment when thousands of glitters illuminate the evening sky and sincere people smiles is indescribable.

Of course, nothing will substitute a participation in the festival , however I have collected the most beautiful photos taken here just to imagine and feel a bit of  Yee Peng magic.

0Ake Foto© Ake Foto

0Bank Charoensook© Bank Charoensook

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