Breathtaking 3D Street Art by Nikolaj Arndt

3D street art isn’t a novelty anymore. Although I haven’t had a chance to discover this type of art in real life, however in the past few years I saw hundreds of illusionary 3D masterpieces painted in public spaces.  Notwithstanding that, 3D paintings never cease to surprise me every time I discover them up to now.

3D paintings really boost imagination and allow it’s viewers to experience surreal situations that is theoretically impossible. Sometimes it seems like these paintings are like window, an intermediate stop between reality and the imaginative world of art. Isn’t it fun just to dive into fantasy for a while and imagine that there is another world under our feets?

Today I would like to present you Nikolaj Arndt, Russian-based street artist, which I have  recently discovered in Devianart. As it is said in his biography, in 2006, Nikolaj Arndt moved to Germany. Since 2009 he participates at street art festivals in different cities and states, applying his technique of 3D art.

Nikolaj is a great and well know artist with a really impressive portfolio of 3D drawings made in public. Below you’ll find a collection of his best works. I hope you’ll like them!


Nikolaj-Arndt-3D-street-art-2 Nikolaj-Arndt-3D-street-art-3 Nikolaj-Arndt-3D-street-art-4 Nikolaj-Arndt-3D-street-art-5 Nikolaj-Arndt-3D-street-art-6 Nikolaj-Arndt-3D-street-art-7 Nikolaj-Arndt-3D-street-art-8 Nikolaj-Arndt-3D-street-art-9 Nikolaj-Arndt-3D-street-art-10 Nikolaj-Arndt-3D-street-art-11