Breath-taking Photo Series Reveals the Beauty of Antarctica

Ok guys, I think you are already tired of a vast amount of photo series taken in such third world countries as Ethiopia during the last few year.  For this occasion, I would like to introduce with Martin Bailey and present you his one of the latest photo series taken in Antarctica, a far more exotic and extraordinary place comparing to most of the third world countries.

Martin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer, born and raised in England, though now a Japanese national, based in Tokyo. Fueled by his passion for travel and nature, and a tireless desire to share his knowledge and artistic vision, Martin is an international tour and workshops leader as well as a well-known photographer published in most of the popular art or photography blogs and magazines.

Below you’ll find a compilation of my most favourite shots taken by Martin in Antarctica. What can I say, I’m in love with a colour pallet of these photos…

Yacht at Port Lockroy Antarctic Sky

Dysney Ice Castle martin_bailey_antarctica_10 martin_bailey_antarctica_9 Monumental Icebergs martin_bailey_antarctica_7 Portal Point Icebergs Iceberg in "Paradise" martin_bailey_antarctica_4 Tidal Dome Egyptian Architecture Magic Palace