Beautifully Designed Blocks of Birdhouses Wrapped Around Trees

Meet a revolution in bird’s real estate market! It’s the world’s first block of birdhouses. Ok, I’m kidding. This block of birdhouses is a “Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven”, a sculptural installation initiated by London Fieldworks. As it is said in their website, the installation is constructed from several hundred bespoke bird boxes mounted in two trees of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) and reflect the forms of the surrounding architecture; a combination of Georgian town houses, and 60’s social housing around Duncan Terrace Gardens, and the World’s End Estate adjacent to Cremorne Gardens. The installation has been commissioned for the Royal Borough of Kensington as part of their Secret Garden Project, a new programme of artists commissions and events for secret gardens, lesser known green spaces, and urban corners across London.

It’s really nice to see how artists start to combine their passion with environmental initiatives. This art installation is not only an eye-grabbing beauty, but also a home for tens of birds. This is why I invite all artists, designers and other people reading this blog to think of other ways to combine art and environmental or social activities.

Bird blockhouse 4

Bird blockhouse 3 Bird blockhouse 2 Bird blockhouse 1