Beautiful Series Of Minimalist Photos by Josef Hoflehner

Josef Hoflehner is an Austria-based photographer with an extraordinary talent and really distinguishable style of photography. Most of sceneries he captures in his photos seem very ordinary, however Josef’s great experience in photography and improbable talent, allowing him to play with compositions and colours masterly, make everything he captures in his photos EXTRAordinary.

As it’s said in photographer’s biography, “Each of Hoflehner’s photos achieves a perfection of composition that seems to defy the possibility that it could ever be seen any other way. Gripping in their ultimate solitude and the unexpected natural beauty they capture, Hoflehner’s photographs take his earthly subject matter to raise it to an almost mythical level, defining the essence of the place.” And believe me it isn’t an exaggeration.

What stunned me the most was Josef’s series of photos taken in India. In my opinion, India is one of the most colourful countries in the world and guess what. The Josef’s conducted series of photos consisted solely of black and white pictures. However, I really enjoyed them. It seems like those black and white photographs revealed something much more, something more “spiritual” of this country.

Nevertheless, today I would like to present you an another series of this photographer titled “Patience”. The series consists mostly of minimalist photos portraying beaches, pools and other tropical sceneries. Although most of the pictures in this series look a little bit depressing, but the minimalist composition and pastel colours make them really extraordinary.


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Credits: Josef Hoflehner