Beautiful Pixel Art Illustrations by Octavi Navarro

During the last year we saw lots of artist trying to make some illustrations or GIFs in the 8-bit pixel format. Despite of that, pixel art is still something I’m never tired of watching to. Maybe it’s because these illustrations evoke deep memories about the childhood and hours spent playing games on old consoles.

For this occasion, today I would like to introduce you with Octavi Navarro, a self-taught artist, children’s book illustrator and the author of beautiful series titled “Pixels, huh? The series consists of illustrations that combine his own beautiful painting techniques with the limitations of classic pixel art; what results in a very unique illustrations.

According to Octavi Navarro, the passion for pixel art came with his love for classic graphic adventure games that he played so much when his parent bought him a console when he was 9-years old.”For my 11th birthday, I was given Lucasarts’ The Secret of Monkey Island as a present and my concept of videogames changed forever. I was blown away with the rich worlds those first designers and artists where able to create with heavy technical limitations.”, explains Octavi Navarro.