Beautiful Photographs of Volcanos and Rise Fields in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of my most wanted countries to visit for the coming year.  Unfortunately, I only had an opportunity to see the beauty of this country from the photos taken by other photographers so far. However, I hope that next year I’ll have a series of my own photos from Indonesia to share with you guys.

Anyway, this post isn’t about Indonesia itself, but about San Franciscoo-based photographer Tomas Ciszewski and his simply beautiful series of photographs taken in this region. As I’ve said many times, photojournalism in third world countries is a current trend in photography and it’s no longer a surprise to see a photo series from the exotic places. However, Ciszewski’s photo series is different.

I mean, I really don’t know how to describe what distinguishes these photos from other hundreds of photo series taken in Indonesia. Maybe it’s because that instead of focusing on the country itself, the photographer tries to find the beauty in the small details. Or maybe it’s because the style of the photos is kind of minimalist, what I personally really like.

In spite of everything, I hope that you’ll enjoy this simple but beautiful series of photos taken by Tomas Ciszewski.


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